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Project Description
Create a visual snapshot of your SharePoint Farm Configuration, Components and Usage as a single HTML Poster.

Project Features
  • View installed SharePoint Products
  • View installed Language Packs
  • View Config Database name and location
  • View Log Settings
  • View Developper Dashboard Settings
  • View Deployed Farm Solutions
  • View Quota Templates
  • View Farm-scoped Features. Each Feature is colorized to reflect its status :
    • Light green = Feature is visible and activated
    • Dark green = Feature is hidden and activated
    • Light Red = Feature is visible and deactivated
    • Dark Red = Feature is hidden and deactivated
    • Yellow = Activated Feature has an older Version and might need an upgrade
  • View Manage Accounts and associated services
  • View Service Application Proxy Groups
  • View Web Applications with :
    • Global settings
    • Managed Paths
    • Large list throttling settings
    • IIS settings
    • SharePoint Designer settings
    • Web Parts settings
    • Blocked file types
    • User Permissions Mask
    • User Policies
  • View Content Databases with :
    • Metrics about Disk usage
    • List of all Site Collections in the Content Database
  • View Site Collections with :
    • Metrics about usage and users
    • Lists and Web Sites where unique permissions have been applied (role inheritance has been broken)
    • User Solutions uploaded to the Solution Gallery
    • Site-scoped Features (Each Feature is colorized to reflect its status)
    • List of Permission Levels
    • Matrix comparison of all Permission Levels
    • Access rights for anonymous users

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